Jamie Haage ,(a.k.a Jim Dandy), keeps laughing audiences returning time after time

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Jamie Haage ,(a.k.a Jim Dandy), keeps laughing audiences returning time after time

Jamie Haage has been making audiences laugh for 16 years, but his reputation in this town began many years before hand. It was in 1987 that Jamie Haage was a fiddle player for the Plummer Family. It was during this time that a fill-in comedian was needed for the show. Jamie says that he had never performed comedy on stage at this point, but was always telling jokes to the band. He was asked to try his hand at comedy, and that is when “Jim Dandy” was born. When asked how he came up with the character name, he said that he remembered folks saying, “That was a real Jim Dandy of a car”, and phrases of that sort, allowing Jamie to coin the phrase into his stage name.

The orange outfits came into play while Jamie was performing at Silver Dollar City’s Echo Hollow. Mike Patrick was producing the show, and he and Jamie brainstormed about how this character could fit into the show. It was decided that “Jim Dandy” would be a person who wanted to sing and play in the show. When he wasn’t allowed to do so, “Jim” decided to have a talent content. And by talent contest, he means himself, dressed as different people. It was a creative way to bring laughs to many of the audience members, night after night.

Today, Jamie Haage performs at the Grand Jubilee, the night show at the Grand Country Music Hall.   Jim Dandy has never been funnier! His timing is great in each presented comedy set, providing side-splitting laughter to the audience.

During the second half of the show, guests are introduced to  the real Jamie. It is during this part of the show that he also displays  his multi-instrumental  talents.Jamie plays piano, drums, banjo, fiddle and steel guitar, just to name a few. And, he plays them all by ear.

Jamie Haage is more than just his orange clad persona. This guy has a great personality, and is a fine showman. A true professional. But, don’t take my word it. Make plans to come see him live on stage at the Grand Country Music Hall six nights a week.  You can find out more from their website by clicking here.

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  1. Doug Edwards, 2 years ago Reply

    I can’t believe the article I just read about Jamie Haage! I met Jamie in 1994 when I was doing a show in the Branson area…Osage Beach actually. How I got to know Jamie was through a little music studio he operated out of his home. I had written a handful of songs and heard he could produce all of the music himself by playing all the instruments there in his studio. Sounded like a good possibility to me, so I turned all 13 songs over to Jamie and he went to town. A week or so later, he called and said all the tracks were finished.
    With that, I went up to his studio and laid down the vocal and harmony tracks. About a year later, my CD became “Album of the Year”, along with “Song of the Year”, and I was voted “Songwriter of the Year” by the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Country Music Association.

    The reason for my comment here, is because I owe much of that success to the talents of Jamie Haage. I informed him of the awards shortly after they were given, but I had not spoken to Jamie since then…about 15 years ago. I knew he was doing a show at Silver City, but never did I dream he had accomplished so much on stage as he has.

    I have a new project I was hoping to have Jamie work with me on…but don’t know if he’ll have time for me this time or if I can afford his rate now days. What a great guy he is, however. Truly down to earth and a big heart to boot!

  2. Joyce, 2 years ago Reply

    We saw Jamie in Nov 2012 and loved him. It was one of the Christmas shows and he did a poem about a Christmas Stranger. I would love to know if he wrote this! I would rally like to read it to my grandkids at Christmas this year. Any help? Jamie is so very talented! Thanks!

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